Apr 20

Give your Child the Gift of Language

In the UK, we’re always much maligned for not really having a history of learning any other language except English. This is a shame, since we’re so close to many wonderful countries on the Continent, yet we stumble around with one or two words or phrases, not really immersing ourselves in the culture.

Learning another language is one of the best things your child could do, not just so they enjoy their travels, but also for job opportunities. A bilingual candidate will always have an advantage in any job interview in almost any international country. But at school, your child may only be learning one foreign language, and even that may become optional at GCSE level.

Private Tuition

The perfect solution would be for your child to have private French tuition (or other popular Foreign, such as having a private Spanish tutor as well). You could even have a home tutor who is multi-lingual and can teach your child two languages in parallel.

Most private tutors are bilingual and fluent in the foreign language that they teach, so they can learn in detail about the language, culture and the fun that goes with it. The private tutor may even be from that country, allowing full and immersive teaching in French or Spanish at home.

Contact Fleet Tutors today if your child shows an interest in furthering their school studies in French or Spanish in the form of private tuition. It will do wonders for their grades, future travel and career opportunities abroad.