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Education matters gives you access to our professional briefings, as we reflect on the ever changing education landscape. Drawing on the latest in education policy and research, our briefings will help parents understand the current dialogue, challenges ahead and solutions.

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Helping you help your child

Expertly written with your education concerns in mind, helping you help your child offers practical solutions to specific challenges your child faces in their current year group. Parents can also find useful tips to support their child’s progress through every academic milestone.

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May 23

Essential Subjects Your Child Needs to Cover

Whether your son or daughter goes to state or public school, you can't expect them to top the class in every subject. We all have our weak spots, often identified early on when we're at school. A literature lover may hate maths, a scientist may not have interests in the...

May 16

How Home Tutors can Improve Education

Your child doesn't have to be struggling in order for you to think about hiring a private tutor for them. On the contrary, you should consider personal tutors to be a supplement rather than a replacement for anything that a pupil may be finding a bit difficult at school. After...

May 09

What to do when your Child Struggles at School

Some children excel at school and others struggle. Unfortunately that's a fact. There is plenty that parents can do when their kids are young. Reading aloud to them is a good example, but children learn at different rates and in different ways. The child of the most loving and attentive...

Apr 20

Give your Child the Gift of Language

In the UK, we're always much maligned for not really having a history of learning any other language except English. This is a shame, since we're so close to many wonderful countries on the Continent, yet we stumble around with one or two words or phrases, not really immersing ourselves...

Apr 10

Learning More Science at Home and Online

Whether your son or daughter is specialising in one particular science for an A-Level, or if they have to learn across the board in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for their GCSE exams, it could pay dividends for them to learn at home or on the internet via a private tutor....