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School-Led Tutoring Grant

As a National Tutoring Programme partner for the second year running, Fleet Tutors can advise and support you through both NTP and the School-Led Tutoring Grant.

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What is the School-Led Tutoring grant?

How much will schools receive and when?

What schools are eligible for the grant?

What happens if schools do not use their full grant?

How can Fleet Tutors help?

Can we use both NTP and School-led tutoring grants?

Yes, both funding streams are independent of each other. For the second year running, Fleet Tutors is an approved National Tutoring Provider and our aim is to support schools in understanding how best to utilise the funding available to support disadvantaged and vulnerable students.

NTP funding has criteria that must be followed ie 65% of pupils selected for the programme should be eligible for pupil premium and pupils can access one x 15-hour block of tuition.

The School-Led Grant offers schools flexibility in the delivery of tuition i.e. selection of students, number of hours of tuition and subjects.

Schools could offer students one block of 15 hours of tuition with NTP and further tuition using the School-Led Grant. Whilst the Grant cannot be used to fund the NTP programme, schools can use an approved NTP provider to deliver tuition under the School-Led Grant.

Hopefully, the below table helps clarify the above:

One-to-One Y Y
Small group tuition Y Y
In-person Y Y
Online Y Y
Hours per pupil 15 Flexible
No of subjects per pupil 1 Flexible
Subsidy 70% 75%


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We aim to support as many disadvantaged pupils as possible, working with eligible schools to deliver bespoke tutoring support in a range of core subjects.

One of the three National Tutoring Programme tuition options available for schools during the 21/22 academic year, School-Led Tutoring, provides funding for disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils to catch up with their education.

Covid-19 caused many issues for schools, including their closure – which led to students studying from home. Some learners struggled to keep up without the support of a teacher, so the Department of Education is offering to fund extra tuition for students who are most in need.

Fleet Tutors will be supporting educational institutions for the second year in a row. As approved national tutoring providers, we aim to ensure disadvantaged pupils receive expert support from our dedicated tutors in all areas of education.

How Does The Tutoring Grant Work?

The School-Led Tutoring Grant is available to all academies and state-funded schools in the UK. Its primary purpose is to offer extra funding for schools to source local or online tutors for their disadvantaged pupils to catch up academically.

There’s no need to apply, and most schools received theirs in September, but some educational institutions might wait until October.

Schools can choose between using internal teaching staff, sourcing local tutors or giving their students access to online tutoring.

There’s no application process, and the funding is automatic, but schools might need to fill in reports and show the Department for Education how they’re spending the money.

How Much Will Schools & Academies Receive in Funding?

Many children across the UK already receive the Pupil Premium, which supports disadvantaged individuals with their education. The School-Led Tutoring Grant is an add-on to offer learners from Year 1 – Year 11 extra support after missing months of classroom-based learning.

Each school will receive funding for 60% of their pupils eligible under the premium pupil fund, and the Department For Education will fund 75% of the tutoring costs, which works out to £203 per pupil.

If you’re a specialist school, the DfE will pay for the extra support your students need because tutoring for special needs individuals costs more money.

They’ll still only pay for 75% of the tutoring costs, but as the average 15 hours of special needs tutoring costs £750, you’ll receive £529 of automatic funding.

Do Schools Have to Use The Funding?

The Department of Education has stated that schools can use their discretion to decide which pupils are in most need of the extra funding – including children that aren’t part of the pupil premium programme.

As schools will have to contribute 25% of the tuition costs and will be expected to pay higher rates in the future, they should focus on offering extra academic support to pupils that will benefit most from the academic support.

Schools can also source small group tutoring services or try an online tutoring programme which gives their students more flexibility.

Which Schools Are Eligible For Funding?

Both local-authority and academy-based education providers are automatically eligible to receive the fund, and the amount each will get depends on how many pupils attend the school.

Local-Authority Schools

Local authorities often run most schools in the UK, and they’re responsible for overseeing admissions, attendance, and hiring new faculty members. The following local-authority schools will receive the tutoring grant:

  • All mainstream primary and secondary schools providing education for children aged 5 to 16.
  • Pupil referral units.
  • Special needs schools.


Free Schools & Academies

Academy schools receive their funding from the government, so they’re more centralised than local-authority schools. Free schools are also becoming more popular because they allow parents to set up a private learning environment, which is beneficial for faith groups or special needs children.

Any education provider can receive the school-led tutoring grant if they plan to use it for extra tutoring costs.

How Can Schools Use The Tutoring Grant to Support Disadvantaged Students?

Schools understand the needs of their pupils, so you should be able to make the right decision regarding which students need extra support.

At Fleet Tutors, we’ve supported many learners to achieve academically. We know that a good school or academy trust will be able to identify key areas for improvement and seek the input of each teacher to ensure you allocate funds to the students most in need.

Fleet Tutors Maximises Your Funding Through Expert Tutoring
At Fleet Tutors, we believe that every human being has the opportunity to achieve great things, but many students don’t receive the extra support they need from their place of education.

As one of the UK’s leading tutoring organisations, we’ve worked hard to deliver effective tutoring solutions for schools and plan to redefine the learning experience for all of our students.

Academic achievement is essential for self-esteem and a prosperous professional career later in life, which is why we treat each pupil as an individual. Our tutors ensure our bespoke tutoring services enable young students to achieve more and walk away from our unique programmes with so much more than knowledge and skills.

While 15 hours of tuition might not seem like much, our tutors know how to maximise your funding to provide students with an integrative learning experience that sets them up for future success.

Specialist Tutors to Deliver Bespoke Learning

All of our tutors are qualified to provide intensive support in a range of subjects. We have a strict recruitment and onboarding process, which ensures your students will benefit from our expert learning techniques.

We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching, and in our experience, tutoring works so well because we’re able to provide the correct type of support to each student based on their preferred ways of learning.

Not only will our tutors make sure your students can rejoin their class, equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, but they’ll also communicate with your school staff to ensure each student receives the bespoke approach Fleet Tutors is known for.

Monitor Your Students Progress
During the tuition programme, you can take advantage of our student reporting system, which enables both schools and our tutors to work together and monitor each student’s progress.

You’ll have a dedicated Tuition Coordinator to provide you with updates, and we encourage schools to work with us to set learning outcome objectives for each student.

After each session, the tutor will add notes about pupil attendance, how the learner progresses, and any causes for concern.

You’ll be able to liaise with your Tuition Coordinator on the student’s progress, and the bespoke process might uncover methods your school teaching staff can use to support the child in the future.

We see ourselves as your tuition partners and know how important it is for our tutors to work with schools and academy trusts, to not only fill the education gap but ensure our high-quality tutoring enables each child to keep up with their peers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our School-Led National Tutoring Programme

Below, you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive from schools that want to access our School-Led Tutoring programme.

If you’d like to know about anything else or would prefer to speak to a human being, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

What age groups do Fleet Tutors provide tutoring for?

We tutor students from KS1 to KS4 in a range of subjects, including:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • Humanities


Do you provide group tutoring?

Our tutoring options are as follows:

1 – 1 Tutoring Online In Person
1 – 2 Tutoring Online In Person
1 – 3 Tutoring Online In Person

We offer a maximum group of three pupils per tutor because we know from experience that small group tuition provides the best results for both students and their school.

Small groups mean our tutor can gain valuable insights into where each child struggles and provide in-depth reports so your teaching staff can monitor their progress and academic needs in the classroom.

They also encourage high attendance rates because students who might struggle with particular subjects will find that they’re strongly encouraged by their private tutors. With the extra support, they will catch up with their missed education.

How much will I pay per child after the grant?

The School-Led Tutoring Grant will cover 75% of our tuition costs. Our rates indicate our commitment to providing young learners with the skills to succeed and the high-quality tutors that represent our company.

Our rates are highly accessible, but if you’d like more information on subsidised tuition, you can contact us or visit our National Tutoring Programme page to view the prices.

Would You Like to Learn More About The School-Led Tutoring Grant?

If you’d like to know more about how Fleet Tutors can support your students, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your needs, and our 40 years of tutoring experience means we can work with students from all backgrounds with varying special needs.

Our mission is to provide students with so much more than a learning experience. Our pupils return to the classroom feeling more confident in their academic abilities and ready to take on new challenges to develop further in life.

Get in touch today, and we’ll discuss how we can work with your school to organise tutoring through the school led grant. We’re only a phone call or email away.