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Everything You Need to Know About the School-Led Tutoring Grant

The Department For Educationis responsible for ensuring each child receives an education from early years to further education. One of the governmental body’s key initiatives this academic year is the School-Led Tutoring Grant, which aims to support disadvantaged and vulnerable students most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But what is the School-Led Tutoring Grant, and how can it help you support your pupils and teaching staff. In this post, you’ll find out everything you need to know about this invaluable initiative which is one of the three National Tutoring Programme strands.

What Is The School-Led Tutoring Grant?

Coronavirus impacted the world in ways we never could have imagined, and almost overnight, the way we work, communicate and receive an education drastically changed.

The three strands of the National Tutoring Programme includes a £579 million School Led Grant which offers state-funded schools and academy trusts both choice and flexibility to support disadvantaged students, some of whom receive Pupil Premium Funding.

The School-Led Grant is ring-fenced to fund local tutoring provisions and also allows schools to use their existing staff. Please note that teachers without QTS or less than two years’ experience in the subject and level being tutored, will be required to complete a training course. The training will be available via the NTP website from November onwards.

How Does the Grant Work?

During the academic year, 21/22 eligible schools around the UK will receive extra funding. Each school will have access to an additional £203 for 60% of their Pupil Premium, which must contribute towards tutoring.

Schools can use the premium to source extra tutoring for students, and it covers 75% of local or online tutoring costs. Each school will have to source the remaining 25% through other budgets.

Do we Need to Apply for the Grant?

Each school will receive automatic funding for every student in the Pupil Premium initiative, so there’s no application process. Schools receive the first payment on the last day of September, then December and April whilst Multi-Academy Trusts will have their funding in October, January and May.

Therefore, it’s a convenient solution for any education provider, the only thing you should remember is that each school will need to provide some accountability as to how they spent the money, which will be in reports and end-of-year financial returns.

Important note: the Dfe will recover any underspend at the end of the academic year.
For more details please see the guidance here.

Can we use both NTP and School-led tutoring grants?

Yes, both funding streams are independent of each other. For the second year running, Fleet Tutors is an approved National Tutoring Provider and our aim is to support schools in understanding how best to utilise the funding available to support disadvantaged and vulnerable students.

NTP funding has criteria that must be followed ie 65% of pupils selected for the programme should be eligible for pupil premium and pupils can access one x 15-hour block of tuition.

The School-Led Grant offers schools flexibility in the delivery of tuition i.e. selection of students, number of hours of tuition and subjects.

Schools could offer students one block of 15 hours of tuition with NTP and further tuition using the School-Led Grant. Whilst the Grant cannot be used to fund the NTP programme, schools can use an approved NTP provider to deliver tuition under the School-Led Grant.

Hopefully, the below table helps clarify the above:

One-to-One Y Y
Small group tuition Y Y
In-person Y Y
Online Y Y
Hours per pupil 15 Flexible
No of subjects per pupil 1 Flexible
Subsidy 70% 75%


How Will the Grant Benefit Schools & Pupils?

As the grant is a governmental funding programme, it must cover tutoring costs for disadvantaged students. Each school can choose the best solution for their students, including sourcing local tutors or using a comprehensive online tutoring programme, such as Fleet Tutors.

Let’s look at why the School-Led Tutoring Grant will help children catch up on their education.

It Offers Extra Support For Students 

While some children thrive in busy social environments, others might find it challenging to concentrate and fall behind with their work. According to a report published by the government in 2021, the average classroom has 26.6 children, which means teachers have their hands full.

If a child benefits from smaller classroom sizes, or one to one learning environments, the grant could give them the intensive support they need to catch up with their education.

Tutoring Builds Confidence 

If a child struggles to keep up with their classmates, it’s understandable that it will impact their self-esteem. We live in a competitive society, and schools use tests such as GCSE’s to measure a young person’s academic achievement.

Even KS1 and KS2 pupils have to take the SATs, so children can suffer from poor confidence, which will impact other areas of their social and emotional wellbeing.

Tutoring instils a sense of confidence in a child and helps them build a sense of worth because they soon learn that they can achieve their goals.

Children Learn About the Value of Hard Work 

When a child sees their efforts pay off, it shows how hard work and commitment can benefit their future. We see the same thing in sports all the time, and children that succeed through working hard will be more motivated to further their education and knowledge.

Even something as small as learning a new mathematics theory can inspire a child, so tutoring has both short and long-term benefits.

A Bespoke Approach For Each Child

We don’t all learn in the same way, and while some people might respond well to books, others might benefit from a more hands-on experience to grasp new theories and ideas. Tutors know how to work with a learner to identify which areas the child needs extra support.

Children can often be afraid to speak up in a busy classroom environment, but they’re more likely to share their struggles and seek help through a private tutor.

How Can Fleet Tutors Help You?

Fleet Tutors is a leading learning provider in the UK, and we work with learners to ensure they succeed in their academic studies. We’re also a fully approved National Tuition Programme partner and specialise in providing a bespoke learning experience for all of our students.

With a strict screening process, each of our tutors has to pass a range of background, certification and commitment tests, so you can rest assured that any tutor that works with your child will deliver much more than improved test scores.

We have over 40 years of experience working with disadvantaged students, and the National Tutoring Programme is an initiative close to our hearts.

Learning shouldn’t be a privilege for anyone, and we completely understand that some students need a helping hand to make the most of their opportunities.

Whether you’d like to access online tutoring or make use of one of our local tutors, we work with schools and education providers throughout the UK.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you.